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Four Great Ideas To Go Out For The First Date

It's traditional, first dates are mostly held in a restaurant. It could be dinner or drinks. It's not being on the safe side, it's actually more conducive to first dates. Restaurants are perfect places for conversation, lots of it. You can also impress your date with the choice of restaurant or bar. Dinner will also give the girls an opportunity to dress up and look their most beautiful. Restaurants give the most ample opportunity and ambience to successfully get through the getting-to-know-you stage. However, there are other places where you can have all the descriptions mentioned above as well as have fun.

1. A picnic by the lake

Can you say "romantic"? Girls will dig this type of dates. Of course, more planning will be required for this. You have to purchase the food yourself. Cheese, bread, wine and fruit are typical yet effective picnic-date food. They can be found in your local supermarket and can cut your budget in half (from what you would have spent in a fancy restaurant). Disadvantages would include an uncooperative weather. Scout the place first and find a firm flat ground. You can also prepare by checking the weather reports for the perfect day. And do inform your date. You might get the knack out of surprising her but I don't think she'll be too happy sitting down on a picnic blanket with her new designer's dress.

2. A day at the theme park

You might think that this is a bit childish but what could be more fun than having a blast riding roller coasters and snuggling up in the Ferris wheel? You can impress your date with your shooting skills and maybe win her a stuffed animal as souvenir. Some women may find this a bit unconventional but a day at the theme park will bring out the best of your personalities. You can easily determine if your date is a fun-loving highly-spirited gal. The local theme park or fairgrounds can be a great place for your first date. It's also less expensive than a regular dinner date.

3. A tasteful art film or play

The latest blockbusters may be very appealing. You might even consider a chick flick. But it doesn't really speak of your personality, does it? Why not take her to the local theatre for a Monty Python movie marathon or a light Shakespearean comedy. After which, you can take her out for a quick drink or a light dinner and talk about what you just saw. It can open a lot about each other or give delightful insights on each other's personalities. Your date might even be impressed by your taste and see you in a deeper light, and on your first date at that!

4. An exotic dinner

Staple French cuisine or gourmet food can be quite impressive on a first date but it can be very predictable and expensive as well. Why not try exotic Mediterranean fare or Indian cuisine? How about a taste of Turkey or hot Thai food? Food can be an adventure for both of you. However, you might need to ask your date first because she might be allergic to some dishes or has an aversion to eating such kind of fares.

Choose the idea you like and have fun on the first date!

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It's traditional, first dates are mostly held in a restaurant. It could be dinner or drinks. It's not being on the safe side, it's actually more conducive to first dates. Restaurants are perfect places for conversation, lots of it. You can also impress yo more »
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